5 Tips for Surviving after Tsunami

Earthquake and tsunami have become common phenomena. Just years after the devastating Nepal earthquake, we have witnessed how tsunami has wiped out several lives in Indonesia recently. If you are prepared for such a disaster, then the damage can be less. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself when tsunami attacks.

  1. The first indication of a tsunami is an earthquake near the coastal region. If there is an earthquake, take cover and try to protect yourself. Get under a table, if possible. If you are in a building, use the stairs to get down.
  2. Listen to your local radio station for getting updates about the tsunami. If there is any warning, follow the evacuation plan mentioned by the local authorities. The best thing is to go as high up as you can. Try to stay away from bridges and building.
  3. Take an emergency preparedness kit with you. The box should contain first aid, essential medicines, dry food, water, etc. You should take things so that you can stay somewhere comfortably for a few days until the rescue team comes.
  4. Try to find vertical tsunami shelters. These are built in tsunami-prone areas. These are tall and sturdy structures that can withstand the water pressure. So, you will be able to stay away from the danger zone.
  5. If you fail to get a proper shelter and the tsunami hits, just grab something and hold it to float. You can try to climb on top of a roof or tree.

After the first wave of the tsunami, you shouldn’t think that it’s over. It is generally followed by a series of waves. So, don’t leave you shelter unless the local authorities instruct you to do so.

5 Economic Impact of Brexit

It has been two years since the historic Brexit vote. There have been some major changes in the economic condition of UK since then. Here we are going to look at some of the economic impacts of Brexit.

  1. EU is the largest trading partner of EU. Supporters of Brexit suggest that trade deals can be made with other emerging markets, other than EU.
  2. There has been a drop in imports of aircraft and ships from the non-EU countries. The difference between export and import has decreased by £700m.
  3. Though the economic growth of Britain has been really slow for the past four years, the employment rate has increased at the beginning of this year. About 197,000 new jobs have been added to the workforce. It is expected that there will be an increase in the wages as well.
  4. London is known as the European tech capital. But it is predicted that the UK-based companies will not be able to provide service to the continental European clients in the future. The EU workers are now reluctant to work in the UK and so there will be a shortage of skilled labor.

However, there are some companies who still see London as the tech hub of Europe. Facebook, for example, opened an office in London and has created 800 new jobs.

  1. Other conditions of other sectors like the construction and manufacturing industries are also grim. The output of these industries has fallen to a record level for the past five years.

Overall, the economy of UK has collapsed and has fallen much below the market predictions. London is one of the world’s largest business centers. There must be a clear plan to boost the economy of UK and make things better.

3 Current Topics that are still Making Headlines

Every day, different news is making headlines. But there is some news that keeps on appearing on newspapers again and again. Here we are going to discuss some of these topics.

Rohingya crisis

There have been migration issues recently in many parts of the world. But the Rohingya crisis seems to make headlines always. It started in when Myanmar military started attacking the Rohingyas. Millions of Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh. The United Nations and other organizations are providing support for these refugees. Yet, no conclusion has yet been reached regarding their fate.

The Myanmar government couldn’t be convinced yet to take the Rohingyas back to their country. The Noble Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has been criticized for her stand in this crisis.

Sustainable development goals

It seems to be a challenge to meet the sustainable development goals by 2030. Last year we have seen some positive changes. We have noticed a decline in the death rates of children under 5, eradication of diseases like polio and millions of people have managed to escape poverty.

The progress rate must be increased in order to achieve our sustainable development goals. There should be more investments in the education, health and nutrition sector.

Climate concerns

With the increase in pollution, the climate is a major concern today.  Three years back the Paris Agreement on climate change was signed. The rise of carbon emissions is causing more natural disasters like hurricanes. Both the public and private sectors must work to improve this condition.

We are all aware of these issues and we must do our part. We should take initiatives and try to improve the situation from the little scope we have. This way, our world will become a better place to live in.