Out of the woods

By winning against Peru, the German team has calmed the debate after the World Cup debacle. But only for now, because the typical weaknesses are still there.

The events on the tiers were similar to those on the pitch: on the one hand the supporters from Peru, there were more than 10,000 from all over Germany and Europe. They sang swinging melodies, accompanied by a trumpet and several bombos, the drums of Andean music, which made the Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena in Sinsheim shake with fast, variable, rousing rhythms.

On the other side the Germans. They chanted “Deut-Schland, Deut-Schland” and their kettledrum knew only one beat, the march, emphasis always heinomically on the first beat. And with Toren, black and white sounded as ever with the Schlager. At least in these moments the Germans were louder than the South Americans thanks to the sound from the tape. Have yourself pampered in playing pamper casino games.

Like the music, like the game. The Peruvians were more light-footed and agile on the ball, they could fool their opponents again and again. But when they had to run against Antonio Rüdiger, they rarely had a chance. In the header, Jérôme Boateng didn’t even have to jump to outdo his opponent. And the defender with the beautiful name Anderson Santamaría wanted to outline Niklas Süle in one scene, but in the end the German stood and the Peruvian lay on the ground.

world championship

Antonio Rüdiger Honours


  • FA Cup: 2017–18


  • FIFA Confederations Cup: 2017


  • U19 Fritz Walter Gold Medal: 2012
  • Man of the Match: 2018 FA Cup Final

Intermediate goal reached

This football match looked like adults against teenagers or like a boxing match between a heavyweight and a middleweight. Germany won because the heavyweight, even if he is technically inferior, wins against the middleweight. Casino heroes review will let you know why should play this game.

After all, by winning 2:1, the second decent result after the 0:0 against the world champion France three days ago in Munich, the German eleven has reached an intermediate goal. They prevented further major debates and calmed the critical situation after the World Cup debacle in Russia. For the time being, because she showed little excellence, instead again some typical weaknesses.

Starting with the exploitation of chances. Marco Reus’ attempts withered away. Timo Werner shot over it or took the ball uncleanly when he was not offside. Matthias Ginter decapitated himself.

But even if national coach Joachim Löw tried to portray this as the main problem – it wasn’t just the chances. The problem was deeper. The midfield almost never fitted precisely into the penalty area, with the exception of İlkay Gündoğan, but only sometimes, with a rising error rate. Grand fortune casino has a stylish design and lots of exciting games to choose from.

Cup of Little Hope

20 years ago, the European Cup of Cup Winners was played for the last time; it was considered obsolete and unattractive. But football was nowhere more European.

The last thing Marcus Wedau remembered from the European Cup Winners’ Cup is a naked ass. It is 1 October 1998, exactly 20 years ago, in the evening somewhere in the yellow twilight of the Belgian motorway. It’s quiet in the MSV Duisburg team bus. The team is on their way home from their away match against KRC Genk. In the first leg, his first international match ever, Wedau equalled 1-1 and saved the MSV a lucky draw.

For the return leg in Brussels, the Duisburg team had set themselves some goals, after all, the club was back in the European Cup for the first time in nineteen years. Instead of an international top club the lot had given them however the Belgian Cup winner, an opponent as attractive as a press stroke. The only positive thing about the draw, said Duisburg coach Friedhelm Funkel, who today trains Fortuna Düsseldorf, was the short journey of around 200 kilometres. There are no travel complaints.

belgian cup

Not at all. They lost 0:5 in Brussels. Out in round one. Short and painful. Looking out of the window, Wedau sees another coach opening up to them. MSV fans sit in it. Some of them look angrily over and hammer their fists against the windows. Already after the final whistle in the stadium, the players were insulted by them. Suddenly a fan throws himself out of his seat, pulls down his trousers and presses his naked ass against the window. European Cup? For an ass. The Red stag casino is one of the home of great casino games.

When Marcus Wedau talks about it today, he laughs, he can understand the anger of the fans: “As bad as we sold ourselves back then, that was a catastrophe”. However, the early retirement had something good for him. “I would have ruined my cut with every other game,” he says. “So I have a 50 percent quota. Wedau played two games in the European Cup during his career and scored one goal. His first and only goal is also the last goal of a German player in this competition“. Casino heroes is one of the online games that has a unique style.

Not only for Wedau and the MSV it is the last international appearance. Also the days of the European cup of the cup winners are counted. After 39 years it is over. Since then there are only two European club competitions left, the Champions League and the Europa League (formerly Uefa Cup). This is likely to change soon, because the Uefa is currently considering the reintroduction of a third for the 2021/22 season.

At that time Duisburg did not provide exactly arguments against the end of the trophy of the trophy winners. Only little more than 10.000 spectators visited the 1:1 in the first leg. “In the city hardly euphoria prevailed at that time , says Wedau.” Everything was already overshadowed by the Champions League. Casino saga review is where you will know all about the game, its rule and promotions.