5 Tips for Surviving after Tsunami

Earthquake and tsunami have become common phenomena. Just years after the devastating Nepal earthquake, we have witnessed how tsunami has wiped out several lives in Indonesia recently. If you are prepared for such a disaster, then the damage can be less. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself when tsunami attacks.

  1. The first indication of a tsunami is an earthquake near the coastal region. If there is an earthquake, take cover and try to protect yourself. Get under a table, if possible. If you are in a building, use the stairs to get down.
  2. Listen to your local radio station for getting updates about the tsunami. If there is any warning, follow the evacuation plan mentioned by the local authorities. The best thing is to go as high up as you can. Try to stay away from bridges and building.
  3. Take an emergency preparedness kit with you. The box should contain first aid, essential medicines, dry food, water, etc. You should take things so that you can stay somewhere comfortably for a few days until the rescue team comes.
  4. Try to find vertical tsunami shelters. These are built in tsunami-prone areas. These are tall and sturdy structures that can withstand the water pressure. So, you will be able to stay away from the danger zone.
  5. If you fail to get a proper shelter and the tsunami hits, just grab something and hold it to float. You can try to climb on top of a roof or tree.

After the first wave of the tsunami, you shouldn’t think that it’s over. It is generally followed by a series of waves. So, don’t leave you shelter unless the local authorities instruct you to do so.